Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Mite Of Hope
Every evening , when i return home from The college, walking myself back to home, my eyes automatically turn towards a small temple across the road that is enroute to my home.
The reason being, there is a woman with her two little daughters, sitting at the entrance, waiting for the passer-by to offer them something. The two girls were wearing some dress over slop.. they were so weak and skinny. Pale and Weakened.
When i saw the little one, she may be 2 & 1/2 yrs old, with a scarf around her head, in the cold evening, sitting along with her mother, sometimes eating something, or other times, just walking to and fro with a pale look in her face.

I offered the Woman some amount which I had, the little girls were so hungry .
I gave them a bag of chips and pack of cookies. and Few chocolates that I always keep in my handbag .(for myself )
I gave them a big handwoven blanket which was a gift from a close friend's grandma , hoping it would help them in the unbearable cold nights
For the First time, I felt myself to be Selfless.
. I have humanity I'm a human with nature like kindness,
sympathy and helpfulness . hope I could Do more for these kind of people.
She has touched my heart so much that i thank Lord Krishna for giving me a home, parents & a satisfying life ..
The very small girl at the temple is not sure about what life has in store for her.
Still she always keeps smiling whenever I pass her by , I can't see worries on her mind and always accompanying her mother, except when it rains. In the cold winds, with her tiny feet, i sometimes see her sleeping on her mother's lap comforted without realizing what time of the day it is and what is happening around her.
I never felt this thankful to my parents and their efforts to educate us and maintain our well-being.
I never was so touched by anyone but this small girl and her curiosity and Courage . I only pray, some kind and capable person offers them a good home a roof to live under instead of the open sky near the temple or under the stone pillar and some good food instead of begging.
God bless that woman and her Two lovely daughters near the pavement. I Wish I could Do Something For them..


Lonely Days In Bangalore :
As the day turns to dusk , I thought why was I here.. My purpose and my aim is different from others'. I cannot stay blank and should work on the things which I cannot do. I wish I were More Strong I wish My Mom Was Here. Just like she was there, when I went to school for the first time...
she took my hands and promised me she would Be there and till I come back, she sat and waited for me. just to see me assured and I need that Once again..
I am afraid of something I don't know .
I don't understand things which i am supposed to learn. I fear about most of the common things in an unusual way. Why is this Happening To me !! I strongly refuse to be all alone but situations make me all alone . Recently, I couldn't wake up fresh in the morning and cannot sleep Peacefully at the night. The oddities of my thoughts are struck somewhere. Why is this Happening all these days :-(

Saturday, September 20, 2014

My Sweet Child

Tiny movements and tiny kicks,
Oh sweet baby, a mother's bliss!!
Can't wait to give you Huge hugs and lots of kiss What tiny dreams you might be having now?
I would understand someday, somehow
I dreamed last night, your tiny face
An angel indeed, made from God's sweet embrace
I know that somehow you could now hear
What a thrill you will bring when I think of holding your tiny tender hands ,
the joy flows within ..
Now Calm down my baby, it's time to rest ;
Inside my womb, your own calm nest :-)
I love you Child. You are my Blessing

Inspiration comes out of nowhere

I began to paint and draw when I was 2 or 3 years old, being an only child (at that Time,as I'm the first child of the family) , spent a lot of time sprawled out on the carpet with crayons, painting brush, watercolors and paper. Those early memories are still vivid– my eyes being close to the floor, inspecting the crayon labels, seeing color spread across the fibers of the paper was much fun than any of this generation kid will ever think of. I remember my cat always used to quietly sit and watch me paint and draw. I really miss those days :-( Childhood Always Rocks :-)