Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Aspects Of Life

A saying , that succeeding in all aspects of life in a single life time is nearly impossible But if we try, we can certainly Get all that we want in life. All the aspects of life are related to our emotions and feelings, our surroundings and the people who are around us like family,friends and Colleagues,in school,home, workplace etc helps us in the growth and development.Also bring about changes in few of our ideologies , ethics, faith and beliefs.
it also forms are notion about right-wrong, good and bad. all these are related to one's feeling, All just connected to how we think and that's what we are. Thoughts can make or break one's happiness in life. The socialization prosses we have undergone is influenced by the psychological,cultural and economical conditions of our society that shape our personalities accordingly and create our own identity.The quantum aspects of life cannot be measured, they just differ from one person to the other.
Family life.
the basic and foremost aspect of every human.Each individual person target towards a happy and content family life,which give the most secure feeling & feeling of being loved. We feel more warm and love towards our family members than any other outsiders.
Work /career
the crucial and very necessary part of one's life, as it is directly linked to our financial status that can determine our family's well-being & standard of living. So everyone wants a progressive career as main aspect of life.
Economic Conditions: Money is an important factor that determine our standard of living.But this so-called luxuries and comfort takes away the happiness that we can also have from leading a happy, simple life.
Friendship: Friends are also important part of our life, to share joy, sorrow and support and motivate each other in difficulties of life.
Religion and Spirituality: Spirituality or Being spiritual doesn't mean that you have limited yourself to one particular religion or caste and be bounded by certain beliefs, but it means you have faith, hope, inner peace and harmony in your life. You gain knowledge, seek for peace in life, solve and handle problems without getting demotivated.
Leisure Time:
Entertainment, hobbies, learning, taking care of yourself are the most important and essential part of everyone's life. We need them to destress and rejuvenate mind and body. Listen to the music, watch a film, doing crafts, play your favourite sport, attend any social event , all these will help destress. Life become boring and monotonous with work and only same daily routine so little bit of relaxation and recreation is required to give us a chance to help express ourself, bring out our talents in front of the world and also to have the creativity flow
All these aspects of life inspire and motivate us to pull through even in toughest situation of life, do each human being change and grow over time as a rule of nature,these various aspects make us live our lives more enjoyable and by setting aanu example to younger generation.We should explore and find out more ways to live a peaceful life by ourselves because no two person will ever think same or their thoughts will never be same.We should be enthusiastic enough to learn and Lead a Happy Life.

By Priyanka Rao :)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Gear SmartWatch

If you explain something in relatively simple terms, you don't know enough about the subject.

-Albert Einstein

Recently, some sources state that the samsung smartwatch has No built-in Browser & uses latest android version 4.3,with keyboard features not available.It comes with Bluetooth LE which means it can connect to any phone that supports Bluetooth LE. Using it We can make phonecalls as well. The battery life is about 24 hours when used modestly, and about 10 hours if used regularly. Regular usage leads to drastic drop of battery life.All notifications are full screen, with icons on the top and the two line text at bottom.At this moment, facebook and twitter notifications are'nt working on the prototype devices.

1. high quality OLED display will show the full spectrum of colours
2. The display will be around 2.5 inches diagonally
3. It has a camera and a microphone integrated to the strap & also tiny speakers are there
4. device doesn't have a browser but it will have to connect to the internet by tethering process.
5.It also has built in NFC and bluetooth 4.0 LE
6. It is powered by dual core processor, probably Samsung Exynos 4212 dual core 1.5 GHz with Mali-400 Mp4 GPU
7. it will need a samsung device with watch-focused apps store to install apps on the watch. Samsung Will announce the SmartWatch in this year's IFA trade fair that's Going to be held On Sept 2 in Berlin, Germany.

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Lost In The past :-)

A Life Changing Experience
When I found out I was moving to Delhi, it was beyond a nightmare, it was something I couldn't even imagine. Although I am South Indian with a manageable Hindi accent , It was more of a distant land, rather than a home to me. Bangalore was my true home; it was my birthplace and my life. Leaving Bangalore would be for the first time was like letting go of my entire six-year old world. The visions I had of Delhi were solely based upon a few summer visits filled with intense heat, Dominant people, pollution, chaos, and filth. Even though I knew this would be a complete change from my comfortable life in Bangalore, with my wonderful house, shopping malls, and all the junk food I could ever want. During my first six months in here, my expectations met almost exactly. I hated my new apartment, I missed my school and friends and I was sick of all the dirty market places that filled the streets of New Delhi. I remember coming home almost everyday and just crying from pure frustration. I was not used to this different lifestyle with servants, maids, and drivers. Although these things might seem like amenities, to me they were just chaotic . I wouldn't even let myself see the positive aspects of anything. After those six months were over I finally realized that I was going to be in there for only few more months .Then I realized that I had to stop dwelling in the past, and start making the most of my new life. It was then that I became thoroughly involved in my Work. I even found some people who were South Indians and they all understood exactly how I felt. They had moved from different places, and also some had been there longer than others, they all welcomed me with open hearts. It was amazing to be among such diverse people who had traveled all over the world, people who had such incredible experiences to share with me. My company was a very reputed one with Outsourcing from Germany and UK. I worked as Testing Engineer and Soon My coworkers and I not only became friends, but almost became like a family as well. We knew everything about each other, and although at times this could get quite annoying, it was always nice to know that I had such close group of friends. Now, when I look back at my time in Delhi, all I can think about is how fortunate I am to have had such a wonderful experience. My move to that part of India not only allowed me to see a completely different side but I was also able to establish unbreakable bonds with so many interesting and amazing people. Even now, after quite some years, I am still in contact with my closest friends from North. I cannot even imagine what I would be like without having lived in this part of India. I would have missed out on meeting so many extraordinary people, and I would be a completely different person today. The day which Went without Stress was that when I successfully demonstrated the New AI intelligence interface prototype me and my coworkers had designed.That day I was so proud and thanked myself for not chosing to Switch the Company just because I had to go to A unknown place.I was very thankful to all my friends who gave me Much that I could ever expect..
Delhi is the symbol of old India and new…
even the stones here whisper to our ears of the ages of long ago and the air we breathe is full of the dust and fragrances of the past, as also of the fresh and piercing winds of the present.
Great words By Jawaharlal Nehru
It best describes My own Experience in NewDelhi
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10 crazy & funny Facts

Crazy facts :
1.Tucked ? What's 'Tucked' and Where?
Okay, we'll take this fact into serious consideration when we're getting dressed. LOL

2. Crazy Mom !!! This is Epic :) Don't try to talk when mom is Scolding You . .You better Understand that

3. Seems True to me:

4. Yeah All of us Do Know this ;-)

5. I am a Bangalorean, and I understand that Everlasting traffic jams which are pain in our butts

6. Ughh ?? this shows Why Not to eat At macdonald's.

7. I know after reading this OMG fact, you are not going to believe me anymore , , but fact Is FACT !!

8. Yes !! For me, that's true

9. This is Really Hilarious ,like someone convincing a Lady to buy a Particular Dress that she doesn't Like :-)

10. Funny but true :-)
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Sunday, August 10, 2014


This Month Has been so Full of work & assignments and commitments coming up.
1. Attending an event
2. A performance In Malnad Fest
3.Taking care of my 6 month old Princess
4. Keeping Up with my Studies
5. Learning to Live The Life in Different Meeeh Way :-) Phewwww many more things To Do
My day began like any other day. After a good breakfast and a short nap and a weekend Lazing around , I dressed in new clothes and got ready for my daily walk.The weather was sunny and I was happy during the stroll in the fresh air. Suddenly I realized that I was on a different route today. I wondered if it was one of those spontaneous outings that seemed to happen over the weekends but before I could wonder anymore, I came to a halt On the way, beside the bus stop .
I saw a lady carrying a Small baby. The baby Was so chubby and attractive but he Was crying. His mother told me he was one month old .They had been to doctor for vaccination. I thought how harsh the injection might be to the Newborn. His mother said to me ‘’Oh…God, what are these doctors doing in the name of vaccination, giving a one month old baby 2 big fat injections ?! Can they not with all the science and technology figure out a painless way?!’ I will now Reach home, call up my mom, ask her why can't they come up with something painless and Efficient way !! Can't Miss To have The Pleasure discussing all these With Amma. . A different Aspect of lIfe was In front of my eyes, a life of a mother struggling and Striving hard for her children and a Baby growing up with all the support and love she/he deserves. Of all the Care Nd love the baby receives Good Thoughts and Lessons for life.Was never important to see our live in Different way but this very day made me Think of all the love I have in life and What more I need to Not to give up. I feel strength and Motivation inside my loved ones. I Hardly remember a single incident where I was alone in the battle of lIfe. well all this achievements and awards are nothing but the embraces and Motivation of My Close friends,my soulmate and My Beloved parents. While I was Chatting with XOXOX yesterday,
He: Pri, I need a Hug
Me: All this Time, I felt embraced By you
Me: ???? what
He: LOts of Love Haha :-)
Me: Well LOL too ;-)
He: movie Tonight ?
Me : Well Yeah :-) :-) Pillow fights at home tomorrow , haha
What else I want than a loving & witty, happy-go-lucky Soulmate I feel So Loved :-)
Seeing through THE eyes of a newborn,learning a completely varied & Eased Way to Look at Life, work and Personal Matters.. :-)