Saturday, May 31, 2014

Top 10 Photos Of This Week

This Week has been most wonderful for me ! I loved This Week a lot...
I attend a wedding.
Met a old Buddy
Renovated the house
Much more Hangouts & Lastly :) a lotzza Dine out this Weekend...
And as well, I Pinned few images that caught my attention. . .in my Pinterest account. . .
10. Source: Google Images :-)

Birthday Bash '13

Anything thats floral,is my favorite. Flower gardens and Flower fragrances,designs, clothes and Whatever. . .
If its Flowers its Surely going to get my attention.
A day without flowers is a Useless Day ♡♡
One Day,I was returning Home from my violin class.It was A rainy day & It was already Ten'O Clock at night.
I had forgotten my House key in the Academy.. and It was too far to reach.
I called many of my Friends but None answered.
So I had to call upon my Not -in -touch and still remembered friend Abhilash.
He came to Pick me up and we both went to his house.
ABHILASH and I had met in 2010 , in a wedding of my Cousin Suma and His Friend Raghu.Joshi. We both became good friends in a noticeable period of time.
I came to know that Abhilash had joined as trainee in Cisco systems, Bangalore but later on he Came To Mysore ,and is working in Infy.
We arrived at his Flat... I was welcomed by his adorable Pet ♡
It was So Lovely .. Poohoo was the Cat's name.(¬‿¬)
Me and Abhilash both Sat and Watched TV till late night [My Best Time With Abhilash] and Then Prepared supper :)
I never knew He Was a good cook. ツ
Next morning,I woke up to see Many many Many Roses ... On the Table in my room..
I was sleeping in the other room.. Abhi Had kept all these roses for me? I felt so Good...
I got up.. Had a shower... Went to see Abhilash,He was already gone :(
I called him,but no response.
So I locked up his flat ,left behind Poohoo and Then Headed back to academy...
There Was this surprise for me, near my music academy .
A small girl came and handed me few White Roses and Said' Good Morning'... Was wondering who it could be?
As i entered the academy, I saw My brother Ankith,my sis in law,Abhilash and all my academy students and everyone had gathered ...
I really couldn't understand what was going on....
As I entered, I was showered with Lots of flowers, decorations were made in the whole Room. It was My Birthday And all this arrangements +my bro and sis in law Everything was a birthday surprise from Abhilash...
I got Wishes and Bouquets from all of them.
the most Cherished and lovable memories of my flowery birthday.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A poem By N Prriyanka Rao

Eternal Love
On a Summer day,as I was walking in my Garden
The grasses in the field have been Made dry and The hay in places ...
it seems that it Was Imbibing the Soothing sunlight..
The Entire garden might Burn and Begone...
I miss you steadily, painfully, I can see Nobody in the garden's entrance or exit,
House doors ajar.
I remember how you had cried When you read something sad,
like the letters from You, made me Cry...
Everything blooming bows down in the rain:
white Roses , Daffodils ; and the Tulips with their petals torn ...
like one after one,
they were destroyed....
So Was I, In Your Love...
Whenever its Raining here... I felt you somewhere near me
like a Humble prayer of a child,
You sat and talked to me... those Rainy nights,
The injustices they made.
never let Us Come closer,
only as They Gradually Fade.
©My Own Poem . Please ask me before posting it Somewhere. THANKS

Thursday, May 22, 2014

A confession :

I had a friend Named Swathi beautiful,intelligent and Sweet.... and she was so Obsessed about her Tall and Handsome Boy! :) BFF . . . I always teased her that she's going to propose him as he was all that she dreamt about.
Well, one fine day we all planned a trip to Halebeedu,Belur,Hassan dist of Karnataka .
Being it such a beautiful place, our Miss.Swathi aka Shorty & Mr.Gautam both agreed to join us.
The journey was awesome. I was thoroughly enjoying the trip. I was fond of taking photographs of whatever I find interesting and I kept clicking pics of places and people.
then I noticed a thing, Mr. BFF was looking at Swathi .. :)
So I assumed he too,was in love with her. So I just continued Talking to my friend Hemani and Tarun.
When we first arrived at the temple we all were so hungry.. so we found a small hotel nearby and ordered ourselves some Meals.
and we all were Curious to know what waz going on in Gautam's mind.. Is he in Love with Her? or is it Just a Friendly Approach!!
after this,we went to Halebeedu then on the Way return.... guess what ;)
Gautam Proposed Swathi ..This was awesome.
we all were so happy for them
But Swathi, however looked worried.
after a few weeks,we had our exams.. I dedicated all the 24 hours to study
And My result was soo gooood :)
but what happened to Swathi is really unexpected... she was always a Rank holder... This time!! unbelievable that she Failed In every Subject...
our principal and the dean wanted to know whats wrong with Her.
They summoned her parents.But her parents were Dumbstuck and had no words to say about their daughter's sudden degression.
and after few days,during our holidays...we heard something that we didn't want to...
Swathi had attempted to Suicide.
it became obvious that her result is the reason for suicide attempt.
Being a good friend, she never shared anything with me ...
one day, we all planned to gather and sleepover at our classmate Poorvi's home. Me,payal,poorvi and Divya tried convincing Swathi to come with us... but she kept refusing..
We had decided to know the reason for swathi's mysterious behaviour..
Meanwhile,we also noticed that she isn't telling anything about Her relationship...
Maybe they broke up? otherwise Gautam would have visited her in the hospital... It was Too Late to realise Something Fishy was going on...
We completely became suspicious about Gautam...
We wanted to keep an eye on him.
next morning,My Brother Ankith and I , were going to market .
I saw Gautam, who lives next to payal's house... He was riding a bike,and a girl was sitting behind him,she was holding him as if she's his girlfriend.
I had a strong proof why Swathi became so depressed..She loved Gautam More than anything...
I explained everything to my friends and Ankith.They all helped me in the plan..
We collected Gautam's call log details by the help of Tarun's father
We saw Regular calls and Sms to Swathi's number..
All those SMS were threatening, He had threatened Swathi she knew he was a drug dealer and earned money by selling drugs..
In a SMS,he also mentioned if she would tell this to police or even any of her friends..he would kill her...
I never thought Gautam Is so cruel and Heartless.
We immediately reported this in a nearby Police station and Tarun's father,the DGP appreciated all of us on helping them in eradicating drugs usage.
Gautam was immediately took into police custody and Swathi Was So happy and felt thankful to all of us.

Swathi was given a chance to rewrite her exam and She scored very well.. she studied MBA ...
She is now Happily married and have a loving husband and a Pretty daughter and calls me everyday to talk a bunch of gossips :)
Please Never ever Keep Silent..Raise your Voice against crime. It takes nothing but it can save Life of innocent people. Drug addiction is Nearly Equal to Death. Mind it and Share it.. !! [PS:Names Changed For the Sake of Privacy Concerns]

Astrophysics-Oasis Of my Knowledge Thirst

When I was eight years old, I peered through a telescope for the first time in my Life.
it was a small device not more than 2metres long, and ur let me take glimpses of brighter view of Jupiter. It was a size of a marble,magnificent in the hues of red,orange and brown. was so fascinated to See It The Very First time :)
Then, when I become 13 I got a chance to visit Birla Planetarium, Hyderabad .
I was reminded of my First ever attraction towards planets and stars.
As Star gazing is my Best Pastime.

I was so spell bound in the arena of the Planetarium as a cosmic dance played out in the canvas above my head.
stars flew dancing around, tumbling in and out of the horizon... The rings of Saturn Floating in the Space, moons raising and setting out almost through a melange of blues,greens and yellow shades.
And what Could more beautiful or charming For me. . .having interest in it.
It was such a thing I've never forgotten to this day of life. I still Remember that experience as an eternally unfolding story, that could hardly be Imbibed by others' minds.
It might been have been the charismatic voice of the narrator or might have been those 'UNDISTURBED'LONELY nights I spent only Gazing Stars.
It could also have been my senseless interest thereafter to find out more and more of How the Universe Worked!! ;)
And this very Day, where I stopped (or Is forced to Stop!! ) watering the seeds of my passion Towards Astrophysics ...especially once I was too determined and clearly announced "Yes,Astrophysics is What interests Me the Most! "
I still love my Universe, my galaxy and my Stars that filled up My childhood With Joy and Enthusiasm. And Jupiter, on which,after some trillion or zillion years some scientists gonna make research and send some rocket along with human(who later will be called The FIRST PERSON TO STEP ON JUPITER...only if possible) ;)
Readers of my post or scientists when they hear this might say 'Its not at all Gonna happen ' well.. its not that Tough.. If only I'm allowed to study astrophysics and Research and Write thesis On JUPITER.
And just as my curiosity aroused towards it on a moonless dark-night in a small town in South part of India.Where we used to live,10years ago.
whatever I learnt till date,was not Within classroom,not under the guidance of any expert lecturers,but I learnt it in my room... where I dumped myself inside all those books of astrophysics, I brought to help myself learn more of this subject.
I taught myself, in my mind I was so restless as this was always on my mind.
The more I Learned about Universe, the more I got Attracted towards it.
It then started happening that, I could never rest without knowing
" How my Universe Works !!?"
Meanwhile, my another hobby Painting, was bonding with the astrophysics ...
There you go! It made me create a masterpiece :) A shattered,glittering piece of galaxy... beaming up lights of stars
Myself ,having met a variety of people then onwards, young and Old... simple and some frantic... etc...
finally, its not the interest that I would ever see fade. Because it has been a very important part of my Growth... A symbol of my strength, my weaknesses and my power of overcoming all these weaknesses Still,Astrophysics Is A oasis Of my Knowledge Thirst.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

MEMOIRS »» A genre of everyone's interest

Memoirs are perhaps one of the most relentless of all the published genres.
There is a constant stream of new ones being published with books from celebrities and famous names usually hogging the headlines.
You can find them gathering dust in the corners of secondhand bookshops.
But many of these books are worth dusting off.
This trip around memoirs from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s includes a few famous names such as poet Cecil Day Lewis,GavinMaxwell , Stanley Unwin and French crooner Maurice Chevalier. . .endless list
However, the majority of authors on this genre list will be unfamiliar to most people.
There is a particular joy to reading memoirs from not -so-famous names.
You never know what’s around the corner. A childhood can be ripped apart.
A promising career can fall to pieces. A marriage can crumble. A moment of opportunity can be seized or missed. And nobody can ignore memoirs when they have titles like
Memoirs of an Abominable Showman and Throw Me a Bone: What Happens When you Marry an Archaeologist? two under the Indian Sun
Wide Meadows
'The House of Elrig'by Glen Maxwell
With Love- by Maurice Chevalier
The Threshold: A Memoir of Childhood- by Dorothea Rutherford
And Lastly my Personal Recommendation »»» Impresario: A Memoir by Sol Hurok (1946)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Visit To Kolkata

I just can't describe my Happiness in Words, if someone ask me What was happiness i would always say My Bestfriend Nonditha Mitra is everything to me,i was so happy about being her bestie :)
Last year ,this girl's wedding gave me a chance to visit Kolkata.
I landed at Kolkata airport on June 21st
Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal is the 3rd largest Indian city.Everything in Kolkata is unique.
The yellow cabs
The traffic policemen in their white shirts and trousers.
The British road names-Park street,Russel Street,Elliot Road...has so much historical significance that everything seems to be a landmark in History , which I read in my school textbooks, comes alive here in this city. :)But time is a constraint.
The monument I visit first is perhaps the most famous one amongst all the others Victoria Memorial Constructed more than a century ago, this massive and beautiful structure dominates the landscape
And then went over New Hooghly bridge connecting Kolkata to Howrah. This city has perhaps all possible forms of transport available –
metro trains, trams, buses, taxi cabs, boats, steamers, auto rickshaws, cycle rickshaws, Even hand-pulled ones
everything is very cheaper in price compared to other parts of India.
The wedding, at Stadel hotel, has a common wall with the Salt Lake stadium
we were welcomed by the giant Bahotas,those called Bells of Luck
as we know,bongsare major foodies! . .
The amount of fish they consume must be more than all states combined I am a vegetarian which makes me a minority in Bengal:) :)And the sweets.Sondesh,roshgullas,gulab jamun,misthi dahi.
I ate more sweets in this wedding than i had ever in my entire life. Thats my Trip to Kolkata :)
Mysore is Waiting to See Me and Nonditha Being together ,eating Golgappas and Wandering around in the Fav hangout place Once again.

Monday, May 19, 2014

A pianist and His unrevealed Dreams

The time when I first decided to learn music, I was introduced to an aspiring,young & enthusiastic Pianist Mr.Mahan
We started chatting about who inspired us, and who we were listening to , at that time.
We shared similar tastes in music and though it was a nice conversation, when i mentioned that i had plans to study music full time in London school.
‘Why would you want to do that?’ he asked disapprovingly, followed by "That’s not something I would ever do" was not a receptive answer .
I was expecting an appreciation or something like that !
Not the reaction I was expecting.
As the conversation progressed a little, it became clear that he felt this way, Not for any sensible reasons such as the time and money I would have to spend up to my venture.
He believed ‘learning’ Piano was a bad thing and should be avoided.
He had strong opinions about this.
He believed that taking lessons was some-how cheating.
He believed that even the best contemporary music colleges churn out musicians that all sound the same.
He also believed that studying music would somehow destroy
some kind of musical magic from within,
well now i understand he was right.
Sometimes I recall that conversation with the aspiring pianist I met years ago and wonder if he still hold on to his beliefs Does he even play piano these days? Maybe I’ll meet him up one day and find out.
We all are uniquely talented, unquestionably, but speaking personally I would never have come anywhere near where i am now without the guidance of all those musical magicians I’ve been fortunate enough to learn from.
Whatever your interests and aspirations, your talents are just at the starting point. You have to nurture and develop them all by yourself. . .


in middle of the mixed Rainy & summer season here in my place ,I met a person of similar interest. an artist, a musician and much morehe amazing painter too..
"what are your dreams"? his first question after we met. I said " I dream of becoming something/Someone that my heart Tells me to become"
Music was my passion he gave chance to showcase this real passion to him. . .
but As I open my mouth, my voice escalates with every tune that I used to be humming..Even if the sounds aren't perfect or correct, every little bit helps me get through the day.
I think Coming up with their own Compositions is an inspiration for many artists.
He:I love singing and song~writing, and my passion is practicing both in pursuit of a well- crafted song.
We both Shared As many Similar Interests and the best part is Music.
He Said: When stressed, nothing helps me more than singing my own compositions. .
I told him, moon and rain are so fascinating . . .
So Was He . . :*
°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° ME:Everyone who knows me, knows that if they want to see me smile or make me feel better, asking me to sing usually does the trick. Even though I do love singing, I'm a very shy person.
he listened to me very patiently and attentively. .°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°
ME:I sing a lot, but it's always in my own time, when no one else is around... :) HE:I believe that having a passion keeps you going forward in life. For me,my passion is dream is Music. . From the time that I could speak my first words, I was singing... OOH !!REALLY?? HE:Your passion is the reason you wake up in the morning,What are your goals?
... ME:I wanna become a singer.
HE:If you wanted to be a singer it's never too late to try to fulfil your dreams". . .
ME:Hmmm impressive . . . FELT Nice talking To Him That Day. .
now I am adding another dream to my moonlit nights. that's Him. Love u.. xoxox.. (tougher !)